Programs and Services

IPPD CrestIPPD is divided into three unique areas: 

Supplemental Instructional  High School Classroom Materials

Personal Player Development Specialist Certificate Programs

Transitional Management Programs and Services

Our Target Sectors

The IPPD program and services currently focus on the following:

Scholastic Athletic Community

Collegiate Athletic Community

Professional Athletic Community

Supplemental instructional classroom materials

Our supplemental instructional classroom materials are dedicated and focused on the K-12, collegiate, and the post-collegiate athletic population.  The curriculum can be used to assist coaches, faculty and staff members when working with student-athletes on personal development issues the athlete will encounter.


The Personal Player Development Certificate

Our online certificate programs provides learners the necessary training and assistance to establish themselves as a Personal Player Development Specialist.  This program is specifically for learners seeking to work with athletes in all athletic sectors as well as learners seeking to start their own business as a Personal Player Development Specialist.  

The IPPD Transitional Management Programs and Services 

Is designed to prepare and help athletes manage the transitions faced through competitive sports.  This could be from high school to college athlete or on to becoming a professional athlete.  We also provide a career assistance program designed specifically for the athlete.  Our program experts have experience in assisting the transition from athlete to the non-competitive athlete as well. 

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