What is a PPD Specialist?

A helping professional trained to work with athletes and the athletic community on facilitating the overall growth and developmental process of athletes from one stage of development to the next, in the personal, social, and professional development categories. 


How much should I expect to pay to pursue the PPD certification?

The IPPDS certification costs $1825. For some individuals, the tuition amount can be paid through their current employer, college, or company under professional development. The total amount can be paid in full at the beginning of the program or in monthly installments, which can be arranged through the Institute.


How long, on average, does it take to complete the certificate?

The IPPDS training takes approximately five days to complete.


How many hours a week will I need to devote to my studies?

Reading modules, skillset videos and assessments should take, on average, five days, which effectively is one module a day and one day for the skillset videos.  Your typically looking at four hours a day for the course content and five hours of video time.  


Does my pursuit of the certificate require any travel?

The IPPDS training is completely online and does not require you to travel. However, if you decide to work with local clients during your practicum hours and choose to meet with them face-to-face, that is entirely up to you. The IPPD will not cover any travel expenses.


What are the qualifications of the Institute’s instructors?

All of the IPPD instructors are experts in the PPD industry in one or more areas within the PPD industry curriculum. These instructors have been involved in the PPD industry for years and are highly respected in their area of expertise. 


When I complete the certificate, does the Institute help me find potential clients?

The Institute will assist you in finding clients, but is not obligated to set a fee for your individual services. The reality of the PPD business is that each year, coaches and parents experience difficulties with their athletes. A large population of athletes graduate from high school and college, and additionally, we see athletes retiring from sports. These are all potential clients. The fees for your services are determined by you and only you. Finding clients will not be an issue; however, setting an agreeable fee for your services might be challenging in some cases.


I know the certificate is flexible but is there a minimum amount of time for completion?

Yes. Four months would be considered the minimum time investment for completion. 


Is there a minimum education level I must have to pursue the certificate?

Yes. All IPPD specialists-in-training must have a college degree or currently be enrolled in college.


After completion, am I qualified to work only with athletes, or can I work with others as well?

Our training will allow you to work with coaches, parents, and athletic administrators, as well as professional front office management and leagues involved in sports.

Is anyone barred from pursuing this program?

Yes. Anyone convicted of a felony involving a minor or other felonies involving sexual assault, drug conviction, theft, etc. are not permitted to participate in this program. All applicants are required to alert the IPPD through the application process if they have a criminal record, which will be investigated. Entry into the IPPD program is at the discretion of the admissions team, especially as it involves past criminal offenses.


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If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Mark Robinson at drmark@ppdmag.com


Last modified: Friday, 30 September 2016, 11:16 AM