The belief and foundation for my approach to training Personal Player Development (PPD) Specialists is that everyone has the potential to find their passion and purpose in life, as well as to guide others to passion, exploration, and individual success. Finding my passion combined with a purpose has been a life-long journey involved with athletics. I was blessed to arrive at this point by focusing on the issues, challenges, and successes afforded to athletes and the athletic community. 

For over 25 years, I have been involved in athletics and education, using a range of techniques and knowledge through academic research, practical application, and competitive athletics. My unique journey has resulted in the creation of a series of pathways that have produced significant changes in my personal, social, and professional development. These personal, social, and professional pathways have led to one change that continuously leads to other pathways, allowing me to reach a higher level of satisfaction when working with athletes and the athletic community.

During my journey, I discovered that one of my greatest passions is helping athletes develop personally. After years of visiting schools and professional organizations to work with athletes on their personal development, I was led to the next pathway, which is the passion for training others how to work with athletes in an effective, efficient, and ethical way on their personal development. You’re reading this because you want to help athletes develop both on and off the field, or are an athlete looking for assistance, and I am thrilled that the Institute for Personal Player Development has the tools to help you do just that! 

The Institute for Personal Player Development (IPPD) has been developed through years of theoretical and practical engagement with athletes across the globe, and the result is this unique and powerful institute. Our experience and approach to training and development is a niche in the athletic industry and will give you a much-needed advantage. The IPPD programs and services provides top quality PPD services that are designed to cater to a variety of learning styles. It is flexible enough for you to work at your own pace and complete in the timeframe that works for you. 

My colleagues and I have created the IPPD to provide three things: 1) a complete and unique set of core competency standards of the Personal Player Development Industry, 2) a vehicle to provide proper personal development training for helping professionals working with or who desire to work with athletes, and 3) practical methods of application for the personal growth and long-term success of athletes worldwide. 

It is our expectation that the IPPD outcomes and objectives will help you develop personally socially and professionally. I am available at your request should you have any questions.

Dr. Mark Robinson

Sr. Director 

The Institute for Personal Player Development 

Last modified: Friday, 30 September 2016, 10:57 AM